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In all lift equipment, mainly have three type can be fixed to the pit: fixed &unloading, fixed shear fork lift platform, rail type hydraulic lift.

Fixed cllimbing trolley of pit is generally in the workshop, warehouse and logistics large door place. Convenient forklift trip in goods dump truck and car in order to improve transportation efficiency. This series of products own height is short, lifting height is low, for pit depth requirements is low. Basically is ground pit flat, with convenient fixed. For fixed shear fork lift platform and guide type hydraulic elevator need pit requirement is relative taller. Two series of products all belong to high altitude homework, lifting height and bearing the weight of the larger. So pit to build good or bad for the stability of the machine safety is a great relationship. Pit general by the customer a party prior to build good. Pit depth and lift their own highly consistent, aspect is in equipment to the more than 10 cm. Using mixed soil fixed four embedded iron parts. Reserve embedded iron pieces of purpose is to tell equipment and iron piece welding together, increase the fixed firm sex.

If pit construction unreasonable, elevator fixed can't level, causing the security and lifting process focus deflection, equipment uneven force, easy to machine a side or part of the connecting parts, strut is damaged, service life natural decrease. The mainest is buried a lot of potential safety problems. If the pit is more reasonable and level with a little bias, then can be in equipment installation ago by the installation personnel leveling treatment. Problem is much, installation personnel should be asked to digging pit. Secondly, in the fixed, installation personnel should be carefully determined whether completely equipment level. Can be in the ground, multilayer height repeatedly testing leveling. Ensure the safety of use.


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